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Welcome To MetalOrigins

Key Features
  • Manage contracts
  • Release goods
  • Track deliveries
  • Track inventories
  • Review real-time status reports
  • Buy and sell
Powerful Solutions
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MetalOrigins, the Alloys Operating System
MetalOrigins has built and deployed the only functioning end to end solution for the alloys business. The system is in use today by multiple buyers, sellers, and warehouses.
"We use the MetalOrigins system to track our contracts and deliveries in real time and to automatically issue electronic invoices, allowing us to run our business more efficiently." Ole Haugen, Tinfos Jernverk, Norway.
The MetalOrigins system allows users to manage contracts, release goods, track deliveries, and create invoices in real-time. All of these features are integrated with multiple methods of buying, selling and reporting.
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Customized Technology Solutions
MetalOrigins has a track record of success in developing, deploying and operating complex Internet based technology systems. The MetalOrigins system was built in-house, and MetalOrigins can quickly deliver web solutions for users' needs.
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The MetalOrigins Advantage
Better. Faster. More cost effective.

Why "re-invent the wheel" with software companies and consultants, when MetalOrigins has the system, the team, and the industry knowledge in place to deliver your solution today.

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